Ashford works to revitalize downtown area


ASHFORD, Ala. (WDHN) — Ashford is a small town with a lot happening, especially now since the city is trying to revamp its downtown area.

“People are wanting to see more activity downtown, not just for themselves but for their kids,” Downtown Redevelopment Authority Kimberly Vann said. “A lot of people are coming back home to raise their families so there is a need to have a big downtown again, a flourishing downtown again.”

The city had one major question in regards to this revitalization process.

“What did the people of Ashford want to see, and how did they want to see the downtown develop?” Vann said.

One of the biggest requests was more green space and parks in the downtown area, and one project has already been completed; McArthur Park, right in the heart of downtown.

“We made it a more inviting place,” Vann said. “You can sit out there and its close to the restaurants. You can sit outside and eat. We revamped the landscaping and just kind of put our focus on making it a central point for downtown.”

“You’ll see a lot of changes downtown a lot of businesses coming in, and that was our ultimate goal,” Vann added. “And we’re not done yet. We still have a lot of work to do.”

With this revitalization process, the city of Ashford has a surprise for its community that will be unveiled in about 5 weeks, and it will be unique to the city.

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