OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — A young pageant queen has partnered with the mayor of Ozark to bring a new sign program that could potentially save the lives of children with autism.

Living with two autistic children, Valerie Young knows the dangers of not being cautious when it comes to her kids and the roads in her neighborhood.

“We have had issues where one of them has decided to run, which is a common thing for autistic children to do especially if they get scared they will try and bolt,” Valerie Young said.

After seeing a post on social media, Young and her autistic daughter, Deanna decided they wanted to start an autistic child sign project for the city of Ozark.

As an Alabama Voice for Autism Ambassador, young Deanna saw this as an opportunity, to use her platform to make a change in her community. That’s when she went to the mayor of Ozark and asked if he can help put a sign project in place.

“I have noticed that autistic children can sometimes not understand the meaning of danger or trouble of traffic and if one runs out into the road the signs can help let others know it may occur,” Deanna Young said.

The signs are a way to warn drivers to be cautious in neighborhoods where autistic children live. Children with autism do not perceive danger like others do and they may not respond to verbal instructions or may resist help if they are in need.

“So you need to be careful and slow and cautious when driving through the neighborhood,” Valerie Young said. “Slow down and pay attention to your surroundings and pay attention and make sure there are no children in the yard playing.”

Young says since the first sign was put up in her neighborhood five people have reached out and will soon be receiving one for their children as well.

Anyone who wants a sign for their neighborhood can contact the mayor’s office in Ozark for more information.