OZARK, Ala. (WDHN)—A goal of Dale County’s Emergency Management Director, Willie Worsham, is to install “state-of-the-art” automated
weather stations countywide.

After becoming Dale County’s EMA Director last year, Worsham says one of his goals was to install a
series of Huntsville-based, Baron weather systems around the county.

Each system consists of a camera and weather station which can give the EOC instantaneous” wind speeds, rainfall amounts, barometric pressure and
other important information.

One has already been installed on top of the Dale County Courthouse. Next week, a second will be placed on
top of Daleville’s downtown water tower.

Worsham says “there are areas that are flood-prone. When you get 2, 3 inches in an hour you’re going to get some kind of flooding. These are some of the things that we want to bring to light. “

Worsham says the majority of the “bad weather” moves in from the Southwest. The cameras are pointed in that direction
but can be turned through remote control. They can give the EMA an immediate look at a tornado, or even storm damage
being kicked up. It also gives responders’ a visual “birds’ eye view” of where the worst property damage is immediately taking place.

Worsham says “I’ll be able to see what kind of winds have happened in an area. And damage assessment, or getting someone out to the area that has been affected. That’s some of the things that we can do.”

Longtime Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson says cost is not a factor when you have a tool that can possibly save lives.
Prepare themselves when you have bad weather and make preparations when you have a storm coming through will give them an opportunity to prepare for that.

Worsham says each Baron weather system will cost Dale County around 25-hundred dollars. He hopes to install two or three annually,
and eventually have 11 of them countywide.