Benny starts his first day as the new Dothan police chief


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Early Monday morning, Major Will Benny received a new title as he was sworn in as the chief of police for the Dothan police department.

“I’m extremely humbled and proud to be selected to serve as police chief and I wanna serve all of the citizens and care and protect all of the men and women in the police department and with that provide excellent service to our citizens and guests,” Chief Benny said.

During Chief Benny’s speech to city officials and his peers in law enforcement, he emphasized moving the department forward by building trust and relationships with the community as well as being dedicated to professionalism and ensuring equal treatment for citizens.

“As police officers, we’re dedicated to the protection of rights in the constitution not only in the united states but in Alabama. It will be our focus in the Dothan police department to ensure that all of those protections are given equally given to every citizen and guest in Dothan,” Chief Benny said.

Benny says his first day on the job was filled with lots of paperwork and tons of tasks to be completed. In addition to his first-day-on-the-job tasks, Chief Benny praised his predecessor Steve Parrish saying his time under Parrish will help him be a successful police chief.

“Chief Parrish is a great person, a great leader, and a great police officer I learned a lot from and he’s prepared me well for this role,” Chief Benny said.

Benny told WDHN there are no immediate changes to make right now. Instead, the department is going to focus on the good things they do and continue to be the best department they can be.

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