BLAKELY, Ala. (WDHN) — Blakely Mayor Travis Wimbush is being censured for not giving certain information to the city council regarding an incident involving a police officer last year.

Blakely City Council members voted 3-0 to pass that resolution Friday afternoon.

In December, Blakely Police LT. Jennifer Hunt left work without authorization and failed to supervise the shift.

She received a written reprimand from her Chief Will Caudill and met with the mayor about a month after the incident.

During a recorded meeting, Mayor Wimbush said he was pleased with the chief’s decision and how he appreciated Hunt — and that the matter would come to an end.

In later recorded meetings, the mayor brought the matter up to city council members in an executive session to put in more of a strict punishment for Hunt by suspending her with no pay — acting on behalf of other council members.

A letter was presented to LT. Hunt, but she was later granted an appeal.

The recordings revealed that Mayor Wimbush did not inform his council members of all of the conversations he had with Hunt.

Council members and residents had different feelings about the decision.

“He been lying all the time and now everybody else hears about it and they see it differently,” said Councilman Al Hutchins Jr.

“That’s what this meeting was about to make our mayor look bad and we stand behind him in this community,” Richie Smith Sr. said. “If this lets her walk off the job without any circumstances anybody can walk off their job.”

This will not affect Mayor Wimbush’s duties — it’s a write-up that will simply go into his file.