DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With blood banks like Lifesouth facing a critical need for blood, the problem is flowing to hospitals like Southeast Health which relies on their donations for medical procedures.

“We transfuse over 5,000 units of red cells a year, summer historically starts our shortages,”

That’s because it’s a time to vacation and donating blood is typically not at the forefront of people’s minds.

Right now, in the transfusion service lab, their blood supply is enough to get them into the weekend.

Tamara Myers, the director of laboratory services, says that’s why they are urging people to head to blood banks because the hospital could be in critical need in just a few weeks.

“We have emergency situations that we can’t plan for and it could happen to your loved ones so you want to make sure we have the supplies we need so everyone can be taken care of appropriately,” Myers said.

All blood types are needed at blood banks but Southeast Health needs universal types like O-positive and O-negative.

“Regardless of what blood type you are you can receive an o negative unit. O positive can be transfused to most patients some patients with RH negative cant receive O positive,” She said.

Myers said if a donor donates one pint of blood, depending on the situation, that one unit could save up to three lives.