Bob A Lu’s transformation to RCS Construction


Bob A Lu’s has been a part of our city for decades, but the doors have been closed for several years, leaving the building untouched, until recently.

In 2016, Bob Smith, owner of RCS Construction bought the building that was once an iconic skating rink and transformed it into a spacious warehouse and workspace for his business. 

The area where you once collected your skates is now offices for RCS Construction, the skating rink now part of a break room for employees, a warehouse, and work area.  

“The city worked real well with us, Brad Hughes and the city inspectors, Captain Crow and Bill Sullivan from the Fire Department worked fantastic with us to help us design it to get it done, and Michael gains for the interior design work. I also want to thank Cliff Mendheim for selling me the building and SB&T for helping me with the financing, Chad Dykes has been wonderful to help me, the whole city of Dothan has just been great,” explained Smith. 

However, Bob A Lu’s is not completely gone. Little Pieces of history and memorabilia remain, both seen and hidden. 

“The Bob A Lu sign behind my sign is still there. We just covered it up. We left a streak of the old color right down in the middle of our warehouse and we just left a few little things in the walls like the safe in Bob’s office is behind the wall but it was just left there,” said Smith. 

Skates can be seen as soon as you walk in the door as a reminder, but the rest of the old skates that once rested in the building are now spread out across the community. 

“It was for the cancer society, we took $10 donations for the skates and raised over $3,500,” said Smith.  

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