“We are on the scene and working a helicopter crash in the area of Buena Vista Drive,” said Ozark Police Chief Marlos Walker. “Right now, we know we only have one person that was in the crash, and that’s going to be a fatality. We are still working and we are waiting on the Federal Authority, FAA. They are going to be conducting the investigation. We are assisting.”

Reports indicate the aircraft was a privately-owned TH-55 Helicopter with no ties to the Alabama Aviation College in Ozark or Fort Rucker.

Neighbors in the community where the crash happened told WDHN they heard the aircraft go down.

“I was coming out of my house and I heard the noise,” said Ozark resident Jamie Aldenderfer. “I looked in the direction that the noise came from (and) I thought maybe it was just trees being cut down. Then the cops started coming and I heard it was a helicopter.”

Ozark is known as the state’s most patriotic city and has a heavy aviation-based community. The crash marks a tragic incident for the city and its leaders.

“I knew people were worried, I was worried enroute getting here, but we have everything under control,” Walker said. “It’s just unfortunate any time you have a loss of life.”


Ozark Mayor Bob Bunting told reporters on the scene no houses or wires were damaged in the crash. However, the blades of the aircraft did hit nearby limbs.

Bunting also told reporters that authorities believe only one person was in the helicopter during the crash.

Original Report:

OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Multiple agencies have responded to a helicopter crash in Ozark.

One death has been confirmed.

Reports indicate the crash happened near Buena Vista Drive. Several first responders are on the scene including Ozark police, Ozark fire, the Dale County Sheriff’s Office, and ALEA.

WDHN is on the way to the scene and will update as more information becomes available.