Dothan Police pulled evidence from a home on South Alice Street Thursday morning where a woman claims she had been held for days against her will. According to DPD, the woman was possibly drugged and raped in that timeframe. 

One suspect has been taken into police custody, and others have been taken to the department for questioning. 

“Once we got here and made contact with her, she stated that this house is where the crime occurred, and then we tried to make contact with him and then after going in and locating him, they pulled him out the house, and they had to wait for the search warrant,” Sgt. Jason Adkins said. 

DPD, in a home that was described as filthy, hauled a mattress out to a pickup truck along with bags of other evidence that will be used for the case.

There were also a number of drugs in the home.

When News 18 arrived at the scene, two women and a dog were sitting on the front porch of the home. The women were later escorted to a police vehicle and driven away. It is unclear if the dog was left at the house.

The woman, a young adult, at the center of the case knows the accused and originally entered the South Alice home willingly. It was when she tried to leave when things changed inside the house drastically. The victim is being treated at a hospital.

Evidence from the house will be sent for testing.

***UPDATE 4.01 PM:

Police have released the mugshot and name of the suspect.

Timothy Eric Brewer has been charged with one misdemeanor count of drug paraphernalia, three counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance, one count of first-degree marijuana possession and one count of unlawful possession of controlled substance with the intent to distribute (meth).

Brewer is currently in the Dothan City Jail but will be transferred to the Houston County Jail.

More charges could follow as the investigation continues.

***UPDATE 6:48 PM:

A family living next door said they complained to police about Brewer’s behavior before, telling News 18 that he has committed deviant sexual acts in the past.

“This guy has been abusing this girl, and we have called the police several times to come out,” Robert Eckel III said. “He runs into the house. The police say well, there’s nothing we can do. They bang on the door. They knock on the door. Well if he doesn’t come to the door, then there’s nothing we can do. My mom could’ve had him registered as a sex offender for exposing himself to my mom. My mom’s a senior citizen on oxygen!” 

“You have him write, in writing, that he is sorry for what he did to my wife, and we’ll let it go, but I want him to admit it.” Robert Eckel Jr. said. “Ok he said he would do that: 500 dollar fine for the court and judge and all these other people, and he can pay it, and he goes on back home.”

Robert Eckel III said he wondered how Brewer was able to walk around with his alleged history of criminal behavior and how women continued to frequent Brewer’s home.

“No woman should put up with that kind of abuse over there,” he said.