Buds N Blossom has unique plants that kids and parents can plant together while at home


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With kids, and parents quarantined together right now, one way to help pass the time might be to plant some flowers together.

Right now, Buds N Blossom has tons of color and unique plants that one employee says kids would really enjoy because they’re cool looking.

“A Cork-Screw Rush, and it really just looks like a little piece of architecture, just a little work of art,” Suzanne Carden, retail sales manager, said. “This is a really fun one that the kids can get and watch grow. It’ll get about two feet tall. It’s kind of swirly and they can put little clips and stuff in it. I mean they can decorate this because it’s got a good stiff branch.”

Carden said the Cork-Screw Rush is pretty easy to grow just keep it really wet because it originates in a marshland, and you can even plant these around coy ponds.

Another flower they have is a Creeping Wire Vine, which will grow and spread and cover the ground.

“Kids really like this, my kids loves it, because of the little, almost perfectly round leaves,” Carden said. “It just looks neat and it’ll go great in a rock bed, rock garden. You can use it as ground cover or just pot it up and let them watch it grow. Super easy, low maintenance on that one.”

For the fans of Dr. Seuss, you can find a Truffula, which Carden said looks just like a miniature Truffula Tree, and that kids think it’s cool to have their own mini version of something from Dr. Seuss.

“These are easy maintenance, and easy annuals, just plug them in a pot, you can out them out in a bed ot put them in one of these containers,” Carden said. “Mom can enjoy these because they’re great cup flowers, bring them in and put them in vase and they’ll last a long time in vase. Or you can dry them out and they’re really good in dried arraignments. So, mom enjoys those and kids can enjoy those to.”

Buds N Blossom is also doing bundles for the kids, which you can find on their Facebook page and Instagram.

They are also doing curbside pickup right now, so all you do is, pull-up, call and tell them what you want, give them a few minutes to get it ready and then they will bring it right out, and get your payment information.

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