Career Possibilities for High School Students in the Wiregrass


ASHFORD, Ala.—(WDHN) The amount of students going to in-state colleges from high schools in the state of Alabama has decreased by 5% over the last year.

In the state of Alabama 41% of high school graduates attend in-state colleges, which is 5% lower than this time last year.

Students who graduate high school are beginning to go in to the workforce or in to a trade school of some sort.

A local high school principal says that they aren’t seeing that trend in their student body, but are offering programs for students trying to figure out their future plans.

“Well thanks to the technical school that lets students try different trades and now if that’s something they want to do or something they don’t want to do,” said Dr. Donnie Chambers, Principal at Ashford high school.

“Also with our articulation with say, Wallace State, we have the aviation program and the fire program and some medical programs, it lets students try out those programs before making the long term commitment as far as taking the courses.” said Dr. Chambers.

Students at Ashford High School have the ability to take classes at the technical school or if they are interested in college they can take an ACT prep course.

Dr. Chambers says that he has not seen any students change their mind on which class to take.

“To me it has stayed pretty constant, I haven’t seen any students this year that have come to me and have wanted to make a change or make any changes to their schedules so far. My counselors have not said they want to make any changes. Pretty much whatever they wanted to start with they have gone with,” said Dr. Chambers.

Finding a future career plan as a high school student is a tough job, but Dr. Chambers encourages his students to take a variety of classes to find what interests them.

“And so you know what you want to do in the future because they are still probably going to change their minds when they get to college, but at least they have been exposed to as much academic or career tech as possible,” said Dr. Chambers.

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