MIDLAND CITY, Ala. (WDHN) — The railroad crossing at the intersection of 5th street and Michigan Avenue in Midland City has been a site of six train and car collisions.

“That crossing area is a concern of mine and several people here in town including our council members,” Mayor Cindy Gary said.

Recently, some community members rallied together in efforts to make the crossing safer suggesting adding automatic block signals or completely shitting it down which has been brought to the attention of the council.

“We have been told by CSX that it would be a great asset to the community to close it, but we did not get a vote on that and our council gives the OK,” Mayor Gary said.

But city officials still have their ears open and agree the intersection should be fixed. In fact, they have some things in motion that could help cut down on accidents.

“These flashing stop signs and yield signs are on order and hopefully they don’t go on backorder its about three weeks out and Alabama Power is supposed to put some better lights over there,” She said.

As for more of a long-term solution though, like getting flashing lights and automatic blocking signals, it can be a lengthy and possibly expensive process — a grant would have to be applied for through the Alabama Department of Transportation.

“Midland City cant afford blocking signals alone. We would have to apply for an 80/20 or 90/10 grant. It could be three to five years if not longer before a grant is received from the state,” She said.

Mayor Gary said she can promise the citizens that they will continue to work to make the crossing safer.