The suspect of a church burglary is now dead he was killed while he was in progress of robbing staff members.

The suspect 26-year-old Steffon Tolver is no stranger to the court system.

In 2011 he pleaded guilty to first- degree robbery and was sentence to 15 years in prison, now this strike was his last.

Crossroads Baptist, a church with a heart, is now dealing with heartache.

After two church employees were robbed on church grounds resulting in the death of the burglar.

“He completed one robbery in which he received roughly $50 dollars and proceeded to try to rob someone else and the second person had a handgun and shot the suspect while he was in his office,” said LT. Brian Smith.

It happened around 10:30 Sunday night.

Although the church doors were open that morning, there were still worker there preparing for the upcoming week late into the night.

“They were getting ready to go on a youth trip and they were working late to get ready for the trip in the morning,” said LT. Brian Smith.

Many may be wondering why this worker had a handgun on church grounds.

“In a church or not wherever you are you have the chance to defend yourself in your home you have certain additional rights,” said LT. Brian Smith.

The second victim of the robbery fired a single shot into the upper torso of the suspect, who was 26-year-old Steffon Tolver.

“He was obviously shook up by the events which he had no choice in it occurring and him defending himself,” said LT. Brian Smith. “But he was put in a position where he didn’t have a choice.”

As far as the police department is concerned there will be no charges brought against the victim the case will be presented to the grand jury

There’s no law saying you can’t carry a firearm into a church; however, the church has the right to say nobody can bring a firearm in their facility.