DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A breath of fresh air is on its way for female shoppers in the Wiregrass, with the construction of a brand new retail business moving into an underdeveloped part of Dothan.

With already 42 locations in the U.S., Simply 10, a women’s clothing and accessories store has set its mark to open a brand new location in the south-side of the Circle City.

“Where there is Dirt Cheap, Roses,” Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper said. “It will be in the parking lot, towards Ross Clark Circle of that development.”

The city manager told WDHN as the city continues to grow, it is the goal of the commissioners to continue to bring commercial development to this particular part of Dothan.

“We think the demographic that this business will serve is currently underserved,” Cowper said. “This will be a business that is embraced by the community.”

From junior sizes, plus sizes, fashion, and accessories with the construction of Simply 10, women of the Wiregrass will have new shopping options in a plaza that’s often overlooked.

The city approved a sales tax sharing agreement to encourage the clothing store to set up shop in the area. The plans are to split its $0.04 sale tax profits with the business.

“We bring a lot of people into Dothan every day who shop in town,” Cowper said. “We are a hub for a large population in the Wiregrass.”

Since retail sales tax dollars are vital to the future of the city, commissioners want to ensure that retail expansion is spread out throughout Dothan.

“Undertaken a number of programs, planning programs, and infrastructure investment programs to facilitate commercial development and redevelopment in the south and east part of town,” Cowper said.

The construction of the Simply 10 is just the start of plans the city has to bring more businesses and developments to the south side. Cowper said the construction of the new clothing store is underway.

Shoppers be patient and stick with WDHN to let you know when the doors are set to open.