DOTHAN, Ala (WDHN)—Latonya Dorsey, owner and operator of Mama T’s restaurant in Dothan is requesting $25 million from the city that she claims committed fraud, cheated, and intimidated her.

She (Dorsey) hereby demands $25,000,000 that represents her damages from the USDA After School Food Program for at-risk youth, harrasement at the hands of city agents, lawyers, elected officials and the slander of her name by the same.

Filed Statement of Claim

In September, Dorsey filed a claim against the City of Dothan, the Dothan City Commission, and other officials and employees who may have been a part of what she called fraud.

Dorsey submitted a sealed bid in May to become a vendor in an after-school meal program or any similar program that might arise due to COVID-19.

According to Dorcey’s claim, employees within the City of Dothan exposed Mama T’s bid to multiple parties, which resulted in her being underbid and caused Dorsey monetary damages. After filing a complaint to the City of Dothan, Dorsey says employees or agents of the city tried to conceal it as a “personnel matter” and tried to harass and intimidate her