DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The county is requesting the city of Dothan to back out of purchasing the Houston County Farm Center after the city agreed to purchase it for $two million dollars last March.

Since new county leadership, the county has come to the decision of keeping the farm center and hopefully reviving it with bright ideas such as a farm center, extra space for the ema, or possibly even a senior center.

The county owns 84 percent of the Farm Center and Dothan owns the other 16 percent but the decision is up to Dothan to accept or deny the request.

Mayor Saliba said they are going to consider it carefully, but so far the city does not have any concrete plans on how they would use the farm center if they plan to go along with the purchase.

“No, as far as I’m concerned maybe some other commissioners will have some thoughts on the use, but at this time we are just in collaboration with them and want to come up with something that’s a win-win for them and us,” Mayor Saliba said.

Mayor Saliba said the county and the city have been collaborative through the whole process and they want to continue to have a partnership together.

Mayor Saliba said they could discuss this request at the next city commission meeting.