DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — David Campbell’s heart was torn into pieces after finding out the news from social media and phone calls that his ex-girlfriend from middle school Jasmine Danielle Bean was killed Sunday night.

“When I seen the pictures it crushed me I dropped my phone and laid on the couch and started crying,” Campbell said. “If I feel like this now I don’t know how I’m gonna feel when she’s laying in that casket.

Bean along with another woman, Ja’lexius Wells was found dead in a home on Fifth Avenue after the Dothan Police Department responded to a shooting where they believe many gathered to hang out.

Campbell said he had a brief conversation with Bean about 10 hours prior to the tragedy. He said they had a bit of an unusual conversation where he says she expressed to him about life being rough and trying to change for the better.

“She said I feel like my time coming but she didn’t know when and she said all she wanted to do was make her mom and daughter proud she was changing,” He said.

Campbell said Jasmine stayed to herself and tried to avoid any drama, a sweet person, and caring she always had her arms open for people to come and talk to about their problems.

He said he and Bean have a special bond that dates back to middle school and although they are no longer together, he made a promise to always be a part of the support system for her, her mother, and her daughter Azalea — who she leaves behind.

“I always told Jasmine I will be there for her no matter what we went through even if we fight and argue and if we can’t have a friendship, I’m still going to be there she is going to have everything she needs and want.

Campbell said justice will be served for Jasmine and he’s glad to see those who truly knew and loved her keeping her spirits alive during a difficult time for all involved.