DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The due date for college applications is coming up for many colleges nationwide, and in the state of Alabama.

Dothan High School is participating in College Application Week.

Seniors are taking time out of their government and economics classes to fill out college applications, and any other necessary forms that may be required for them to apply.

This is the seventh year Dothan High School has held this event as they are trying to get students to think about their plans after college.

“We’re applying for college forms trying to figure out what we are doing next year,” Senior at Dothan High School Shannon Wilson said. “Doing our FAFSA forms so we can be prepared for the future. Do your best and try to apply, sometimes you need to go to college to get experience and get a job.”

If you are a high school student or know a high school student that is on the hunt for colleges, you can visit Alabama’s application resource website here, or apply on a specific college’s website.