Columbia Manor sees thousands this Halloween season

What may seem like an ordinary house during the day, quickly turns spooky as the sun goes down.
In the small town of Columbia, there is a spot where monsters lurk, and creatures creep. It is a sight you must see for yourself.
This is the eighth year Columbia Manor has frightened their guests, getting bigger and more popular every year.
People just keep coming back for more.
“When we came the first time we were just kids in high school, and now we’re adults and it’s still just as scary,” said one participant.
And for some, the haunted tour serves as a Halloween family outing.
“This is our fourth time coming and it’s always different,” said one family. “It’s our second year with him (her son), and it’s been fun because he hangs on and gets really scared so he makes it a lot more fun.”
Last year owner Todd Chandler said the house saw over 8,400 customers, which was a marvelous turnout for a town of only 800.
So what has made this seemingly normal structure so successful at spooking?
Chandler says it is that the hundreds of volunteers put over nine months of effort into the house, changing it from the year before to make it a new experience every year.
And the fact that the house is supposedly haunted year-round does not hurt.
“The house has at least seven different spirits,” said Chandler. “It was built in 1864 and used to be a hospital,. It’s been a private resident off and on throughout the years and a lot of stories and a lot of things still going on to this day.”
The house features a combination of movie monsters along with some Chandler and his volunteers created, with some lurking around the guests waiting in line, trying to give them an early fright.
So consider yourself lucky, if you make it out alive.

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