ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Community colleges in the state of Alabama have seen an increase in enrollment over the past year.

About 75,000 students were enrolled in classes as of this fall, that’s up from the fall of 2020 when student enrollment was 71,000.

These numbers do not include students taking adult education classes and workforce development classes.

The chancellor of Alabama Community College Systems credits a better student services program for the increase.

“For the first time we have an organized management program for student services,” Chancellor of Alabama Community College Systems, Jimmy Baker said. “That improves the way we deal with students, with the way we recruit students and the way we follow up with those students. I think that’s been an asset in that whole process.”

In 2019, community college enrollment was 79,000.

These latest numbers show enrollment trending upward from the 2020 low.