Houston County Republican Women’s monthly meeting today was one for the books.
Congresswoman Martha Roby serving as the guest speaker, talking to her constituents, many who are not happy with her.
Roby publicly denounced Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee, requesting he step aside and allow his running mate Mike Pence to take over.
This stance has been met with much opposition, and today was no exception.
Protesters set up outside, waiting her arrival to let her know “Trump in, Roby out.”
“I want to see if Mrs. Roby will take the first stone, that’s all I’m asking,” said one protester. “The first stone for her to cast so let’s see if she’s without sin.”
Inside, the sentiment was not much different.
“How can you face your children in the future and say to them ‘I stood up against Donald Trump and I helped put Hillary Clinton in office?,” said HCRW 1st Vice President, Linda Lane-Overton.
Roby used her time at the podium to defend her position saying “This disgusting behavior, this boasting in admittance of grabbing women’s private parts was enough for me.”
Roby explained her decision to go public with her disapproval with reasons she described as the 3 p’s: practical, professional, and personal.
“I felt at the time that that video was released, that Donald Trump leading the ticket would lead to Hillary Clinton’s presidency,” said Roby, explaining the practicality of her thought-process.
Also saying, “I believe people appreciate authenticity. I believe that it was important for me to be upfront, and honest with those that I represent.”
Finally, clarifying the third point to her judgment call, the personal aspect.
“I do not want Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States, but I cannot look my children in the eye, Margaret and George, and justify a vote for a man who promotes and boasts about sexually assaulting women,” said Roby.
This stance infuriating some Republicans, who then decided it was their duty to take part in the protest. 
“As a part of the Republican Women’s committee, and I used to volunteer with the republican committee, that’s such a waste of money to support somebody that’s such a traitor,” said Debby Tuck, a protester.
Others say they do not agree with her disposition, but it will not affect their overall view of Roby.
“I’m still going to support her because I know her well and I feel like she’s doing a good job,” said Judy Wise, Public Relations chair of HCRW.
She is up for re-election this year.
To view the full heated question from First Vice President of HCRW, Linda Lane-Overton and Roby’s response, click here.