COVID-19 DELTA variant concerns continue to grow


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — As COVID-19 hospitalizations rise, concern among health officials continues to grow.

Weeks ago, emergency officials warned residents of how serious the Delta variant is. ADPH Southeast District Administrator, Corey Kirkland has the same concerns and explained how it’s impacting the hospitals.

“It makes it much more difficult on hospitals and physicians to take care of patients,” Kirkland said. “I think that would probably be one of our biggest concerns like we were in December of last year, where had over 3,000 patients and it was very difficult to find space for all of them.”

Kirkland believes it’s how we react to the Delta variant to see if we’ll have a repeat of those number of patients. However, despite their worry, Kirkland said Houston County is in a better spot now.

“We’ve got about a 25 percent drop in our seven-day average for cases in Houston County,” Kirkland said. “We also have a 37 percent of the state that has both the complete series of the vaccine if it’s Moderna or Pfizer.”

That news comes as Houston County is only at around 33 percent in vaccinations, but the fight to normalcy isn’t over he explained.

A few things residents can do are handwashing and mask-wearing. These are just a few steps residents can take to get things back to normal, according to him. This applies to those who are vaccinated when it comes to protecting themselves.

“The important thing though is those are all tools and the number one thing we have is the vaccine and all those things can work together,” Kirkland said.

Overall, he urges residents to do their research and get vaccinated to keep themselves and others safe.

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