COVID-19 pandemic causing students to miss out on field trips


OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has tweaked the school year for students especially when it comes to a way students can learn outside the classroom such as field trips.

“Providers of those field trips were not able to provide the content like the trips to the farm, trips to the legislature trips to Shakespeare theater and all those kind of things just weren’t being provided. And the other issue from the school standpoint was getting the children to the event and that’s a school bussing issue,” Ozark City Schools Superintendent Dr. Mcinturf said.

Dr. McInturf says the elementary and middle schools usually take an educational field trip each semester but for high school, they have been missing out on real work experiences.

“Kids that are working toward CNA’s and things like that they have some field experiences they have to participate in so we’re trying to organize those things around the allowances of the doctor offices and the vet offices,” Dr. Mcinturf said.

Although students cant get on the bus physically to head to their destination, teachers are still providing a way for students to stay educated and still have fun.

“Both of our elementary schools were awarded grants to participate in a virtual experience with the Birmingham Zoo so they got to go to the zoo virtually and I think we got a social studies teacher at da smith that has been on an event with Senator Shelby’s chief of staff to talk about the legislative process and things like that,” He said.

But with the numbers getting better and the pandemic showing positive signs, he hopes students can take a trip to the new auto parts manufacturer in town.

“It would be great for our career tech folks to go up and see that so we’re looking at the possibility of them going over in small numbers,” He added.

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