ANDALUSIA, Ala. (WDHN) — Investigators are working diligently trying to figure out what caused a medical helicopter to crash early Friday afternoon.

It was a normal day for Dewayne Robinson and Calvin Hasley just trying to get some yard work down until they saw something unusual that stopped them in their tracks.

“The way I seen it the chopper was coming down sideways and it was like we were looking eye to eye and my heart just jumped out my chest,” Hasley said.

According to Covington County Sheriff Blake Turman, a pilot and two EMTs were on the way to pick up a patient at Andalusia Health from Evergreen. The pilot began to feel ill and tried to land the helicopter — taking down five power poles and ending up upside down on the edge of Dean’s Field Across from Dean’s Cake House.

“We were able to get over there and assist getting them out they were all conscious now they are a different shape but you need to pray for them gentleman,” Robinson said.

Robinson said it was the grace of God that the helicopter only took down a power pole as it landed feet away from his home and his other neighbors.

“It kinda puts you on reset knowing how close it was to his house, and our neighbor’s house it just makes you think about things,” Robinson said. “When you think you’re having a bad day it could be much worse.”

The crash remains under investigation.