AUTAUGA COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — A cow is dead after being struck by lightning in Autauga County Sunday afternoon.

According to the Autauga Farming Company, the family that owns and operates the farm was in the middle of wrapping up a gathering and were inside as it started to rain.

“We were all safely inside with children and grandchildren when we heard this loud BOOM of thunder, very close by,” a post on the farm’s Facebook page read. “Emma looked up just in time to see one of our cows fall over in the pasture. The cow had been struck by lightning, and fell dead, on the spot, within a hundred yards of our front porch.”

No other injuries were reported. The family said this was the closest that lightning had ever struck the farm.

“We had a stark and vivid demonstration today of why you don’t want to be outside if lightning could be in the area,” the post read.