ABBEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — Joe Clark Jr. was in his bed when he was woken up to police lights in his front yard as a car ran into his house.

“I saved a little bit of stuff back there in the back,” homeowner Joe Clark Jr. said. “All that was in the front right there is completely gone. A total loss.”

Early Monday morning, Abbeville police attempted to stop a suspicious car traveling through the Girard community, that’s when police say Ladarius Robinson hit a police car and fled.

As the chase went through Crawford Street, Robinson lost control of his car and crashed into Clark Jr.’s house.

“The car had run in my house and tore it up,” Clark Jr. said.

Police arrested Robinson and charged him with attempting to elude, assault, and possession of a firearm without a permit.

Pictured: Ladarius Robinson

Robinson is currently in the Henry County Jail.

This police chase has sparked a response from the community as they are looking for a way to put a stop to reckless driving in the area.

“It’s simple,” Former Abbeville City Councilwoman, Dorothy Baker said. “Place some cameras in the neighborhood and you’ll see who is doing what. Folks speeding you can get them just like that. You won’t have to call the police and when they show up they are gone. They need to be proactive and provide safety for citizens in this area.”

The speed limit around most of the Girard community is 25 miles per hour, but Clark Jr. And Baker say people speed through there often.

“They come through there running pretty fast,” Baker said.

“Excessive speed, racing on a one-way street. Racing on this street,” Baker said. “Racing on Clark Street with high speeds could kill children and could kill us if they lose control of the car.”

Baker has gone before the city council a few times asking for cameras to be put into the neighborhood, they believe the extra security could help in situations like these.

At this time, they are still waiting for a response from Abbeville City officials.

“Because I live on this corner. If the same thing happens down there could happen to me,” Baker said. “If they hit here I sleep here. I am dead. The city must take action now.”

Baker adds that now she is trying to get a petition together in the Girard community to try once again at bringing a new safety aspect to the area.