NEWVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — WDHN spoke with the best friend of murder victim Brittany Corbitt on Friday, and now, that young woman who claimed to be so upset about her friend’s death is charged with her murder.

19-year-old Brittany Corbitt was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting Thursday night on Ozark Road in front of her grandfather’s house in Newville, after an argument up the road between two groups in two separate cars.

Now, Jeremiah Clyburn, Farriea Norton, Austin Al-Mon Daniels, and Jayden Thomas have been arrested on charges of murder, capital murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and multiple counts of attempted murder.

WDHN spoke with Jayden Thomas on Friday, and at the time, she said she and Brittany Corbitt were best friends who hung out regularly.

“We went to school together,” alleged murder suspect Jayden Thomas said. “We did everything together, we did really everything together. We hung out outside of school, we took trips, we did a lot. We even worked together one time.”

At the time, she expressed emotions of sorrow, however, officers believe she was really in on the murder.

Thomas was in the car with Corbitt during the time of the shooting and what she told us right after sounded more like someone who wanted to help save her friend, rather than be involved in her murder.

“I never think I’ll experience last night,” Thomas said. “I really just sat there and watched my best friend die right in front of me and I couldn’t do anything about it.”

Officers say their investigation revealed that this was no spontaneous murder in the heat of passion. It was a planned event to kill 19-year-old, Brittney Corbitt, by way of a gunshot to the chest.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they found a very large crowd and what was described as “a very chaotic scene” with the threat of more gunfire.

All four suspects are currently in the Henry County Jail with no bond set.

Henry County officials tell us they still expect to make even more arrests in the case.

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