DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Gabriel Johnson was found at the intersection of Morgan Street and Westmead Street in downtown Dothan with a gunshot wound to his chest.

Four people have been arrested and charged with his murder and the family continues to seek answers.

“A loving, easy-going person man,” Gabriel’s brother, Lakendrick Johnson said. “He would give anybody the shirt off of his back.”

Neighbors believe they heard gunshots around midnight.

Johnson was found several hours later by someone driving by the area, but by the time officers arrived, it was too late.

In the case, Dialan Beard, Rodgrick Holmes, Davaciera Booth, and a juvenile were arrested and charged with Johnson’s murder.

Lakendrick says that he had never heard Gabriel talk about any of the suspects, who police believe had a motive for robbery.

“Out of the blue, like I don’t know them, you know nothing,” Johnson said.

This week, family members and friends are stopping by Gabriel’s mother’s house to speak to the family and remember the life of Gabriel Johnson.

“He didn’t meet strangers,” Johnson said. “You know, he was a good brother. I was big brother, but you know I had to confide in him sometimes you know. Man, I am just lost in the whole thing. I am just so used to him knocking on the door out of the blue.”

The four suspects have all been charged with capital murder, and police say they were trying to steal an unnamed amount of money from Johnson.

The family doesn’t know why Gabriel was at the intersection of Morgan and Westmead street late at night or why the suspect allegedly rob Gabriel, but they do say that this violence needs to stop.

“This gun violence gots to stop,” Johnson said. “Whether this was my brother or anybody else, at some point, something has to be done because this needs to stop.”

His brother also says that Gabriel was a great man and that the people really needed the money. Gabriel would have found a way to help them.