OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Traffic was re-routed for over an hour Monday afternoon at the intersection of Highway 231 and Deese Road in Ozark after a police chase down Highway 231 ended in a shooting.

Around 5, police were chasing a red truck up north on Highway 231.

People on the scene tell WDHN they heard it started in Newton as a domestic dispute, and the man had just lost custody of his children: those reports are still unconfirmed by officials.

One eyewitness who wishes to remain anonymous tells WDHN she heard a lot of gunshots.

“All of a sudden this red truck comes down and the cops come down and then they just plowed into him and stopped him,” the witness said. “I didn’t see whether or not anyone got out of the truck but I definitely heard shots fired multiple times. At least 10.”

Police have now identified the man who was shot and killed as Samuel Ed Farnam Jr., 44, of Ozark.

His body was transported to Montgomery for forensic testing, according to the Dale County Deputy Coroner, John Cawley.

The local authorities have turned this over to the State Bureau of Investigation.

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