DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Main Street Liquors on West Main Street in Dothan lost nearly $7,000 last Thursday night in a robbery. All of it was caught on camera and has led to the arrest of three individuals, but two suspects remain on the run.

In the surveillance video, multiple men are seen walking into Main Street Liquor, walking down the aisle, looking at the merchandise, and stuffing the alcohol in their pants or under their shirts.

Dothan Police arrested three men over the weekend accused of Thursday night’s theft. Jaquez Corbitt, Damitri Young, and Keiron Taylor. All three men are charged with theft of property in the first degree.

Main Street Liquors says the robberies are getting out of hand.

“It has been spiking over the last couple of months and we are just getting tired of the loss,” Operations Manager for Fast Stop and Main Street Liquors, Marie Culver said.

Culver says that these losses have forced the prices of their alcohol to go up, have prevented them from giving out raises to their employees, and are even keeping away potential employees because they are scared of the situation.

As these thefts are normally happening when groups of people walk into the store and are targeting high-dollar tequila and cognac.

“And it is groups that are coming in,” Culver said. “Especially, when there are only one to two workers and they overwhelm in the store and some people just buy a couple of items to distract our workers. It’s just coming to an end for us.”

The store has even implemented something to hopefully keep the thieves away,a “Wall of Shame”.

“Put pictures up of everyone of every person that is caught stealing in our store,” Culver said.

The video of the 5 alleged thieves has taken social media by storm and now three men face charges, but Culver says they hope to bring the other 2 potential suspects to justice

They are currently talking with the Dothan Police Department and are amending the complaint to include the other two alleged suspects.

Fast Stop Liquors and Main Street Liquors would like to thank the community for making the city aware of these robberies because they hope it will put a stop to it.