DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — WDHN has received an update to the Clayhatchee car chase that ensued after a woman allegedly stole a cop car, then led authorities on a multi-county chase.

The video above was taken by Clayhatchee Police Chief Mike Heath of his patrol car at the end of that chase after the suspect ran off U.S. Highway 84 in New Brockton.

Clayhatchee Police Chief Heath got out of his patrol car to assist Daleville police with a woman wielding a knife. The woman, whose name has not been released, then got into the passenger side of Chief Heath’s vehicle and locked the doors, after a taser was used on her, unsuccessfully. The woman then headed west on Highway 84 with patrol car lights flashing.

With speeds exceeding 80 miles per hour, the Clayhatchee squad car went directly through downtown Enterprise and was stopped, only after Enterprise police deployed traffic spikes and flattened the tires.

Chief Health says it’s miraculous that neither the driver nor anyone else was hurt or worse.

“She got into the passenger side and immediately locked the door,” Chief Heath said. “And when I tried to get into the driver’s side she locked that door. I got in front of the vehicle and ordered her to get out and at that point, she put it in gear and tried to run over me.”

After the suspect continued to drive after her tires were flattened the vehicle rolled over several times.

She was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

No suspect has been charged at this time.

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DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Law enforcement throughout the Wiregrass were in hot pursuit after a suspect allegedly stole a Clayhatchee police vehicle Wednesday night, police confirm.

The chase started in Daleville at the Inland gas station as the suspect was attempting to attack someone with a knife. A Clayhatchee officer saw Daleville police struggling to retain an unnamed woman and stepped in to help.

That’s when the woman then got into the Clayhatchee police officer’s vehicle and sped down Highway 84 at 100 miles per hour with the lights and sirens on.

The chase then moved to Enterprise where police deployed spikes as the vehicle passed the Coffee County Jail in new Brockton. The suspect then rolled the Clayhatchee police Tahoe in the ditch and tried to escape, she was then quickly apprehended and taken into custody.

The Dale County Sheriff’s Office is expected to give an update on the case sometime on Thursday.

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