DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A client of a Dothan private investigator is asking for his money back after finding out that the private investigator he hired is facing fraud charges.

Michael Mitchell says he paid Wiregrass private investigator William “Bill” Robison $38,000 to do investigative work, but still wanted proof that Robison would do his job.

“I wanted a piece of paper or something saying that I had given this man this money,” client of Robison, Michael Mitchell said.

Mitchell says he drove three hours from his home in Georgia to meet Robison in Wicksburg.

Three days later, Robison was indicted by a Houston County Grand Jury on four counts of theft by deception.

Mitchell claims he didn’t find out about the fraud charges until recently.

“A friend of mine, Patrick was like, ‘Are you sure this dude is legit?’ He looked online and saw where he had been indicted,” Mitchell said. “I was like, ‘What the hell.'”

Mitchell just wants one thing.

“I’d like my money back,” Mitchell said.

Even though Mitchell thought the in-person meeting between the two men went well.

“I met him personally and I didn’t get no bad feelings or nothing man,” Mitchell said. “Normally, I pick up on stuff like that.”

When police searched Robison’s Wicksburg home, they seized over 50 firearms, 2 ATVs, 3 watercraft vehicles, 6 passenger vehicles, and over $47,000 before a judge ordered Robison’s
bank accounts were frozen.

Earlier this month Houston County District Attorney Russ Goodman says he isn’t sure about the exact amount of people that have come forward since Robison’s arrest, but he suspects it’s at least 15.

According to Goodman, the complainants claim they hired Robison to perform investigative work and Robison took their money, but Robison never performed the task he had promised.

Robison is currently out on bond from the Houston County Jail and his next court appearance is scheduled for next month.