DOTHAN, Ala (WDHN) — A 60-year-old Dothan man is facing charges after police say he caused several wrecks in February while he was severely drunk.

According to Dothan Police, on February 24, Rodney Herring was driving intoxicated on Ross Clark Circle, between Denton and Cherokee Road, when he struck the back of a car, pushing it over the median into oncoming traffic and causing an accident, and right down the road, Herring hit another car, pushing it into the median, where the car was able to stop.

DPD Sergeant Andy Davis says that Herring turned onto Denton Road, where he disappeared, but almost 15 minutes later, he hit another car on West Main Street.

Sometime later, police identified Herring’s truck, but they were unable to arrest Herring due to his blood alcohol level being so high, and he was transported to a local hospital, according to Sgt. Davis.

Six people were injured in the crashes, and after obtaining their hospital records through subpoenas, police were able to issue an arrest warrant for Herring.

Herring was arrested on Wednesday, March 22, and charged with six counts of leaving the scene of an accident, one count of assault in the first degree, one count of assault in the second degree, two counts of driving under the influence, two counts of driving with a revoked license, and one count of failure to aid. He has a combined bond of $150,000.