DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Investigators say that the Dothan man who is accused of killing and burying his daughter told police that his daughter stabbed herself after they argued.

Orlando Williams of Dothan had his preliminary hearing on Friday, and during the hearing, investigators say Williams told police that he and his daughter, Tomekia, lived together at his house on Ruth Street and would frequently have arguments, and one day, it went too far.

Investigators say that Williams told police that they had an argument and then he left the house.

Williams then came back to his home two days later on April 3, 2021, and another argument ensued.

Now, Williams tells police that Tomekia stabbed herself after that argument.

Investigators say that Williams then loaded Tomekia into his truck. Orlando told police that he was scared to take her to the emergency room and Tomekia later passed away in the truck.

Police claim Orlando went to the Johntown Community in Dale County and dragged her body by her arms and then buried her.

Skeletal remains were later found in February of 2022 in a wooded area. Investigators say the body was dragged 300 feet off of the road.

Williams was later arrested for the murder of his daughter by Dothan Police. Ozark Police say he was the last person to speak with Tomekia.

Williams’ initial bond was set at $1.5 million but it has since been reduced to $150,000.

The defense claims that the only evidence that the state has is the witness interview that was conducted between Orlando Williams and Dothan Police.

Investigators also say that Williams told police that Tomekia was on drugs and occasionally used drugs.

Judge Benjamin Lewis says that there is enough natural and physical evidence, such as the remains found in Dale County, the clothing found on the remains, the clothes found in Williams’ truck, and the witness interview with Orlando Williams.