DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A Dothan man is suing a Houston County town for damages after his attorney says he was wrongfully arrested and sat in jail for nine hours.

According to Hunter Wayne Parrish’s attorney, David Harrison, Parrish was scheduled to be a juror in a trial at the Houston County Courthouse on July 18th.

Picture of Hunter Wayne Parrish

After the trial ended, Parrish was arrested for fourth-degree theft of services, as he was suspected to have not paid his water bill with the town of Taylor.

After looking further into the arrest, it was discovered that the warrant was filled out incorrectly, and instead, they were supposed to arrest John Hunter Parrish, who is a resident of Taylor.

So 45-year-old Hunter Parrish sat in the Houston County Jail for a debt that was owed by a 25-year-old John Hunter Parrish, according to Harrison.

“These things shouldn’t happen if we are going to sign warrants on people we need to make sure it’s the right person,” Parrish’s attorney, David Harrison said. “They have committed a crime and it will stop things like this from happening. That is our mission here.”

Harrison says that Parrish is suing the town of Taylor for damages as Parrish, according to Harrison, was in the Houston County Jail for 9 hours, which was embarrassing for him and his family.

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