DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A Dothan ministry is picking up the pieces and restocking its shelves after someone broke into their church.

Good News Ministries has been serving meals for people in need for four years, and Sundays, they were not able to offer meals after someone broke in and stole their canned goods.

“So we didn’t realize there was a problem until we walked in,” Equally Yoked Ministries, Derrick Oliver said. “All the food was thrown everywhere, diapers, a lot of electronics were missing and things of that nature,” Oliver said. “So we walked to the front and we saw how they got in. They threw a brick through the glass in the front door.”

The fridge in the kitchen which is usually filled with canned goods and food was discovered empty. Someone had broken in.

Oliver says in addition to the food, the person took a disc player that the church uses to play music and even searched through his dad’s Bible in search of money.

This is the first time this has happened to Good News Ministries in the four years they have been located on West Newton Street, but this incident made them aware of what could happen

“That sense of safety and security is automatically gone because now you are afraid that somebody came in and violated your space, especially when you are trying to do good,” Oliver said.

Oliver says they are already looking into adding security cameras around the church and other precautions.

Good News Ministries serves meals to hundreds of people a week. And once Oliver posted on Facebook, the community responded.

“People were asking what they could do to help,” Oliver said. “How could they support fixing the things that got broken, replacing things, and also making it where we can start serving meals again next Sunday.”

Good News Ministries will return to serving meals to those in need on Sundays. They say they can’t let this one incident get in the way of their mission of feeding those who need a meal.

If you’d like to donate to help re-stock the shelves, Oliver says you can send a check to “Good News Ministries”, send money to $CDM58 on CashApp, or bring supplies to the church located on 208 West Newton Street in downtown Dothan.

See the link to Oliver’s Facebook Page below for more information: