DOTHAN, Ala (WDHN) — A well-known Dothan Pastor has once again changed his plea in his federal criminal case.

According to court documents filed on February 6, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow has changed his plea from guilty to not guilty. This is the second time Glasgow has changed his plea.

In November, Glasgow changed his original plea from not guilty to guilty. At that time, Glasgow’s Attorney Derek Yarbrough said Glasgow felt a plea deal was in his best interest.

Since Glasgow has changed his plea back to not guilty, he will be facing one count of drug conspiracy, according to court documents.

In 2020, Glasgow was accused of distributing cocaine to an unnamed suspect and was indicted by a grand jury. He originally pled not guilty in 2021, per past WDHN reports.

Glasgow is also facing federal charges of tax evasion and mail fraud, but since he has not been indicted on those charges, Yarbrough says he is unsure how the government will proceed with those charges.

On February 9, Glasgow requested that the court suppress evidence against him and all property that was obtained as a result of three police stops and encounters that he says were illegal. The same day, the court denied Glasgow’s motion and claimed the request was untimely since it was filed almost a year after the pretrial motion deadline and 46 days before the trial was to start.

The court also stated Glasgow gives no good cause as to why the motion was not filed a year ago.

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