DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A woman has been arrested and charged after a 2021 party resulted in multiple teens being injured.

Norciss Brown, 35, of Dothan was arrested on Wednesday on charges of 19 counts of contributing to delinquency and 38 counts of reckless endangerment.

Police say Brown on September 21, 2021, held a party for minors on Reeves Street in the Plaza Two Shopping Center. Brown leased the venue for the party and said in the contract agreement that she said the party was not for teens, according to a DPD officer who knew the case.

In the contract, it said that if it was a teen party, the Dothan Police would have to provide security. Instead, Brown hired a friend to be security that night. 75-150 kids were at the party, and at that party, shots were fired, and underage drinking happened, according to police.

Dothan Police say they could not find where the shots came from. During the party, some of the minors received injuries, however, they were not gun-related injuries. Injuries ranged from glass cuts to trampling-related injuries.

Police say that Brown has been attempting to turn herself in, however, because these charges involve juveniles, the Houston County Sheriff’s Office had to arrest her.

All charges Brown faces are misdemeanors.

Brown has since bonded out from the Houston County Jail on a $342,000 bond.