COVINGTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — A Covington County inmate on work release was arrested after being seen in 2 counties in south Alabama and north Florida.

Deputies originally believed that the inmate, identified as John Hunter Wood, who was on work release with Covington County Sheriff’s Office in Holmes County on Sunday was last seen near Highway 2 west of Esto, Florida.

Wood left on a four-wheeler, which was recovered under a wooden bridge in Esto.

Holmes County deputies also received a couple of calls that Wood was seen in Slocomb at a convenience store and that information was passed on to the Geneva County Sheriff’s Office.

The K9 teams were able to track Wood from under the bridge to the edge of the dirt road where the track was lost and it appears that he caught a ride.

The suspect is now in now in the custody of the Holmes County Jail.