HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — County road 57 in Henry County was a crime scene early Sunday morning after Abbeville woman, Barbara Williamson Shaw was found dead after being shot in the head. Her boyfriend, Jamie Whitehead, was then arrested and charged with murder.

According to the Henry County Sheriff, Whitehead was intoxicated when he fled to nearby neighbors after the shooting, and confessed that he shot Shaw.

A neighbor and friend, Lindsey Farmer, says she had seen Jamie Whitehead act violently toward Shaw in the past. 

“We would sit outside and just listen,” Farmer said. “There was really nothing we can do until we started seeing him physically beat her. There was one time there was a gun involved so we would call the police every time to help her.”

Farmer says in the few months she spent living next to the couple, she called the police at least 15 times, every time a domestic violence issue.

She even testified against him in court after she says she saw Whitehead pull a gun out on Shaw in the past. She says she tried everything she could to help the situation.

“She was just as sweet as she can be,” Farmer said. “She never bothered anybody. She would always say if I’m bothering y’all just let me know and stuff like that. But we would always listen. Other than that it was just a really really toxic relationship. A really bad physically toxic relationship.”

Despite the environment she was living in, Farmer says Shaw was always willing to help those around her.

“She was there for you if you needed her,” Farmer said. “Of course, she was limited to what she could do because she was always being watched. She was just really nice. She’s in a better place. It’s sad to say that but she is in a better place.”

Whitehead is now in the Henry County Jail with bonds totaling $200,000.