(WDHN) — Brandon Bagwell, a senior vice commander for the VFW and, Houston County commission district 3 candidate is facing theft charges — two weeks before residents can vote him in as a county leader.

But the issue stems from Bagwell’s previous occupation as a police officer for the Taylor Police department which began in September of 2020.

According to Taylor police chief Garry Hughes, he’s experienced problems with Bagwell during his time as a police officer, but he couldnt elaborate any further.

But nowhere near the problem, he’s dealing with now.

Bagwell resigned from the police department at the end of January of this year. After resigning, Hughes said Bagwell failed to turn in his pistol after three months of requesting several times and even offering to pick it up from him but he says he heard a different excuse every time.

He is now being accused of pawning the gun at a local pawn shop which is where he believes the Houston county sheriff’s office has found the weapon.

WDHN reached out to Bagwell for a comment about the charges against him. While he refrained from speaking too much about the case, he did issue a statement on social media.

“Some may have heard about my recent involvement. I cannot comment on the on-going case although I can confirm the firearm in question was not in fact assigned or ever assigned service revolver and stems from Dec. of 2020 and I resigned in January of 2022. When resigned all equipment was checked off by current administration with inventory checklist,” Bagwell said in a statement.

Bagwell confirmed to WDHN that he plans to keep his name in the hat for District 3 commissioner – his campaign is based on transparency and accountability.

The case is still under investigation. As a former police officer, he says he’s putting all of his trust into the justice system to make the right decision.


TAYLOR, Ala. (WDHN) — A Houston County commission candidate has been charged with larceny.

According to inmate records, Brandon Bagwell, 41, was charged with a larceny-theft pickpocket and improper transfer of a firearm on Tuesday night.

These charges stem from an ongoing issue with the town of Taylor in Houston County. According to the Taylor Police Department, the charges come from Bagwell’s possessing a firearm that belonged to the police department.

Bagwell is running for the Houston County Commission District 3 seat.

On Wednesday morning, Bagwell was released from the Houston County Jail on a $15,000 bond.

The Houston County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating this case.

WDHN is working to confirm more details. Stay with us for updates.