DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Houston County Sheriff’s Office held a news conference Thursday morning on the arrest of a man they say threatened an Ashford bank teller with a gun.

Sterling Lee Howell, 34, of Ashford was arrested and charged on Tuesday with first-degree robbery, according to Houston County Sheriff Donald Valenza.

Deputies say he approached a drive-through window and gave the teller a note demanding an unknown amount of money and stated he had a gun.

Alabama legal code explains the charge of first-degree robbery includes robbery attempts where a person threatens the use of a deadly weapon/instrument.

MidSouth Bank was the victim of the robbery, authorities say.

The note Howell gave to the teller stated: “Put $100’s, $50’s, and $20’s in the drawer,” Sheriff Valenza said.

Deputies also say that Howell attempted to divert authorities before the attempted robbery by telling them there was a car accident at the intersection of US-84 and Battles Road.

Authorities arrested him at his home in east Ashford, after deputies say that Howell attempted to divert them again by saying that he was not home and he was at work.

Deputies say that Howell has had past run-ins with the law, and according to court records, has 6 separate failure to appear charges.

Howell is currently in the Houston County Jail with no bond set.