HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — A man that was wanted in 6 different states has been arrested in Florida in an investigation Houston County Sheriffs’ Office that began on May 1st.

Before being arrested in West Palm Beach, Florida, Josh Matheny was wanted in several states including Indiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alabama, and Florida.

“It was actually related to social media,” Houston County Sheriff Donald Valenza said. “Our website was pulled for some reason and from what I understand they may have seen him in Walmart and notified law enforcement.”

According to the sheriff’s office, Matheny stole more than $250,000 worth of property, which was found in a storage unit in Dothan.

Officers found a red and white boat valued at $30,000, a trailer from Indiana valued at $22,000, a Dodge Ram worth $60,000, a trailer from Virginia valued at over $12,000, a $2,000 car hauler from Indiana, and a trailer stolen out of Texas which is valued at $5,200.

In addition, a white truck was also recovered by Houston County Sheriff’s Office, but they are still waiting for it to be identified.

“Matheny is being charged with six counts of bringing stolen property into the state, six counts of receiving stolen property, and all the charges have no bond,” Valenza said.

Deputies were notified of Matheny when they say he stole over $700 worth of diesel fuel. They were alerted once again on May 16th of a burglary where $400 was stolen.

Dothan Police also were alerted of Matheny because they say he took over $600 of gas from a Marathon Gas Station on Reeves Street.

“I am proud of our guys,” Valenza said. “They get on something and stay on it and turn we got quite a big recovery.”

Sheriff Valenza says one of the trailers is filled with stolen property. This includes household items that are still being identified by investigators.

And if anyone in the area has items that have not been returned. Valenza adds they can contact the Houston County Sheriff’s office.

This case is still under investigation as Matheney could be facing additional charges. His wife, Mary Jane Matheny, could also be facing charges.