GENEVA COUNTY, Ala (WDHN) — A multi-county motorcycle chase has come to an end.

According to Coffee County Sheriff Scott Byrd, the motorcycle, occupied by an unidentified man and women, crashed on Highway 87 after turning around in the road and driving head-on into a group of deputies and police.

Sheriff Byrd says the motorcycle side-swiped an Elba Police Investigators’ car and ran into the grass. The riders suffered minor injuries and were transported to Enterprise.

Elba Police and Coffee County Sheriff’s Deputies are on the scene. Sheriff Byrd says the riders suffered minor injuries

According to Geneva County Sheriff Tony Helms, the chase started sometime before 5:30 p.m. Monday evening, when Samson Police Department attempted to stop a motorcycle rider on a helmet violation and the motorcycle sped away.

Helms says the driver led Samson Police and Geneva County Deputies on a chase down Highway 52 heading east, before turning onto County Road 4 and traveling into Coffee County.

Sheriff Byrd says the motorcycle had two occupants, both without helmets, and was driving erratically before crashing.

RickeyStokesNews reports the motorcycle traveled at speeds of 100 miles per hour.

The suspects will be transported back to Geneva County to face charges.

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