HENRY COUNTY, Ala (WDHN)— Five young teenage girls from North Georgia are expected to be transported back home on May 10 after their arrest in Henry County after authorities say they stole one of their parents’ cars and took a joyride heading to Panama City Beach for a trip.

On Tuesday, May 2, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office was alerted to a BOLO from Catoosa County, Georgia about a stolen Santa Fe possibly in the area.

According to Sheriff Eric Blankenship, not long after they received the alert, Newville Police Chief Henry Danzey saw the car at a gas station on Highway 431 in Headland and stopped the car, discovering it was occupied by five teen girls between the ages of 12-14, with a 12-year-old driving.

Headland Police and the Henry County Sheriff Deputies also responded to the gas station.

Sheriff Blankenship says the girls left Catoosa County at around 4:00 a.m. Tuesday morning after one of the girls stole their parent’s Santa Fe and began traveling south heading towards Panama City, Florida for a beach trip.

The girls were detained and then later officially arrested on warrants for Grand Theft Auto. They are being held in the Southeast Juvenile Diversion Center until authorities from Catoosa County can transport them home, according to Sheriff Blankenship.

Sheriff Blankenship says the girls are expected to be transported back to Catoosa County on May 10. He adds that the car the teens were allegedly driving in has been returned to North Georgia.

I’m just thankful they are all okay.

Henry County Sheriff Eric Blankenship