GENEVA COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — A Geneva County woman wants justice for a man accused of killing her ex-boyfriend and wants to know why law enforcement just watched while she tried to bring her ex-boyfriend back to life.

Jason Kersey is accused of shooting and killing Tony Dean.

Kersey’s fiancé Penny Carnley says Dean and his nephew pulled onto the property of Carnley and Kersey in the Pine Grove community where words were exchanged between Kersey and Dean.

“Why would you bring him here? You know that this not gonna work and I said get out of here.’ I heard pow-pow while I was still arguing with him,” Kersey’s fiancé, Penny Carnley said.

According to Carnley, Dean and her dated off and on for nearly two years, but most recently broke up a month ago.

“He was very jealous,” Carnley said. “He didn’t want to let me go. He’s a good man don’t get me wrong. Tony is a good man, but he has had problems like the rest of us.”

That is when Carnley started dating Kersey, who she now plans to marry on Monday.

The exchange of words led to gunshots

One shot Carnley believes hit dean in the neck and the other went into the air.

“Do you believe that Jason was protecting you?’ ‘100% I believe he was,”‘ Carnley said.

Carnley says that Dean hopped in the truck and began to drive away, but then the truck stopped.

“I started running over there because I figured they were going over to the truck and he was going to stab him,” Carnley said. “So I ran over and said, ‘You gotta get gone and get out of here.’ About that time I snatched the front door open, it started rolling back again. I noticed Tony’s head was down like this and I still didn’t know he was shot.”

Carnley then had the nephew call 911 and according to her she then began to do CPR on Dean.

“None of us wanted Tony to die and that’s a fact,” Carnley said.

When authorities arrived, Carnley says that they didn’t help her try to save Dean’s life.

“I wanna know why they stayed in the truck and why they couldn’t do their investigation when I can do CPR on the victim,” Carnley said.

Authorities say the incident occurred while severe weather was moving through Geneva County, and that impacted the compounded rescue efforts and the processing of the crime scene.