ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — A man has been arrested for a shooting in Dale County after police say a fight started at a graduation party.

Darrell Davis, 18, of Ozark, was arrested after police say a fight started at a grad party in Elba on May 28. The fight then continued to Enterprise, then to Level Plains, where the fight ended with a shooting into a home on Z Street, according to Level Plains Police Chief John Boy Summers.

Police say bullet holes were found through the front door and front windows of the home. Two vehicles were involved in the fight but only one fired shots.

On the scene, police say they found 31 bullet casings from an AR-22 and AR-15 guns.

The people involved in the fight did not know each other before the party.

Davis is currently in jail, however, police are questioning another suspect who is a minor.

“We could be talking bad right now if somebody got hit by one of these bullets,” Chief Summers said. “I don’t feel sorry for him [Davis]. He made his decision,” Chief Summers said.

Davis is charged with shooting into an occupied building. He is currently being held in the Dale County Jail.