OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Samuel Farnam Jr. was seen traveling northbound in the southbound lane of US-231, at the end of the pursuit. Deputies discharged their weapons in order to apprehend the armed suspect after attempting to stop the vehicle.

When deputies fired their weapons, Farnam Jr. died.

A friend of the family, Jennifer Vigil, tells WDHN that Farnam Jr. and the woman deputies say he was shooting at, used to be married, but his ex-wife had a protection from abuse order against Farnam Jr.

The friend believes that Farnam Jr. had plans to both shoot her, her parents, and his ex-wife.

“My street leads to my parent’s house in a way,” Vigil said. “I have no doubt in my mind that he was going to drive by my house and shoot out of his window and head towards my parent’s house.”

Farnam Jr. had been messing with Vigil’s family since November, ever since she said his ex-wife moved out and their child was taken away from Farnam Jr.

“I’ll tell you that we do have PTSD because last night, even knowing that he is not here, I did the same routine I do every single night before I go to bed. When I left the house last night, I had to check and I went a different route like I normally do,” Vigil said. “We always have to change our routes. Anytime we go to the store we have to scan the parking lot to see if his truck is there.”

Vigil says that Farnam’s ex-wife’s car was hit. She is currently in the hospital. Vigil says the ex-wife is coherent, suffered a few broken bones, and is still shaken up from the incident.

“I’m so thankful for the Ozark PD and everyone else involved that was able to stop him because who knows how many more lives could have been lost or injured,” Vigil said.

The Dale County Sheriff’s Office and Ozark Police have turned this case over to the state bureau of investigation, which is standard practice with any officer-involved shooting.