GENEVA COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — The Ozark man who was shot and killed by deputies after a car chase had a history of previous crimes.

The Geneva County Sheriff’s Office arrested Samuel Farnam Jr. on February 23. He pled guilty to his crime and was told to stay away from his ex-wife, but instead, he took to social media.

“He started posting all of these crazy videos,” a friend of the ex-wife, Jennifer Vigil said. “Threatening my family, coming after my mom again, and threatening my mother’s life over the weekend. Blaming her for losing his wife, his son, his job, and his home.”

These posts were then reported to the Geneva County Sheriff’s Office.

“On Saturday, we received a call from the original victim in the case and he had made several Facebook postings,” Geneva County Sheriff, Tony Helms said.

Farnam Jr. was seen two days later traveling northbound in the southbound lane of US-231, at the end of the pursuit, deputies discharged their weapons to apprehend the armed suspect after attempting to stop the vehicle.

The bullets hit Farnam Jr., leading to his death.

This wasn’t the first time that Farnam Jr. has had a run-in with law enforcement, as Geneva County deputies received several calls from where Farnam Jr. used to work and live. For that reason, deputies decided to investigate.

“A DHR complaint that was made on him, then it kinda got down to some simple harassment, stealing, pilfering, and then some hollering back and forth,” Sheriff Helms said. “The family was trying to get him off the property.”

These calls became more frequent from November to December, as Vigil says that is when things started to go missing, stuff started turning up broken, and they wouldn’t hear from the ex-wife or the son.

Farnam Jr. was later arrested on a driving an unauthorized vehicle charge.

“On February 23rd, he was trying to get on base, and of course when they checked him at Fort Rucker his name came across on the outstanding warrant we had entered into the computer for him,” Sheriff Helms said.

Farnam Jr.’s ex-wife is still recovering in the hospital from the accident on Monday, as she is still shaken from the events that occurred.

“The shooting in Ozark is still under investigation with the State Bureau of Investigation, so stick with WDHN as we continue to follow this case.