HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — New information is coming to light on the man accused of killing another man during the Peanut Festival parade.

Mekhi Lawton is accused of killing Garyoun Fluellen back in November during the Peanut Festival parade.

His attorney’s entered the courtroom seeking a reduction in Lawton’s bond and some answers that will help their stand-your-ground defense.

The Peanut Festival parade shooting sparked fear across downtown Dothan, but police say it was a group of individuals that got into a fight.

Lawton allegedly shot fluellen in the torso, killing him and another victim was hit twice by gunfire.

Lawton’s attorney Adam Parker spoke with WDHN last year and said Lawton was attempting to leave the parade after a verbal confrontation had ensued and was told by a DPD officer to calm down and go away.

Lawton and his friends were headed back to their car when they were attacked and Lawton heard someone say that a person was pulling a gun, he then pulled a gun and fired at the victim

On Friday, Parker was able to confirm from investigators that Lawton has a conceal carry permit and that at the time of the shooting, Fluellen was also armed with a gun.

Parker feels this will help their defense.

Stand your ground law states, “You can use deadly or physical force to defend yourself if you are in fear of imminent serious physical harm or death.”

Parker says Lawton felt that he was in danger and he wanted to protect himself and the people around him.

They are also asking the judge to reduce the bond in Lawton’s case from $1.5 million to $100,000.

If they reduce it then Lawton will agree to wear an ankle monitor and turn over his conceal carry permit and gun.

Judge Benjamin Lewis and the state say they will take Lawton’s request for a bond reduction under advisement, so a decision is expected to be released in the coming days